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Face recognition aluminum profile shell advantages

Date Of Issue:+$2019-10-06 11:33
Now the shell material of many electronic products is mainly aluminum shell, aluminum products have become one of the mainstream products of the electronic industry. Aluminum has the advantages, the following small series to introduce the advantages of aluminum shell. 1. The density of aluminum is very small, at 2.7g/cm, only 35% of that of steel. This makes it easy for the container to be lightweight. Aluminum surface naturally produces a dense layer of aluminum oxide film, this layer of colorless film can prevent further oxidation. 2, aluminum non-toxic tasteless, in line with the health standards of packaged food. 3, aluminum surface gloss, easy to color, good printing effect. 4, made of aluminum easy to open the cover performance is better than tinplate easy to open the cover. 5. Aluminum has excellent reflection and conduction properties to light and heat, which can improve the effect of food can heating and sterilization and low temperature treatment. 6. The mechanical properties of aluminum remain unchanged at low temperature, especially suitable for frozen food packaging. 7. The composite film made of aluminum foil is completely airtight and lighttight, which can effectively protect the food inside. Aluminum foil can also improve the strength of aluminum - plastic composite film. 8, waste can be recycled, not only to save energy and prevent the waste caused by public hazards, to meet the requirements of environmental protection. 9, aluminum profile, beautiful appearance, good plasticity; 10, aluminum alloy profile strength is big enough, in thickness changsui CAN PDU aluminum profile thickness of 1.7mm, so that do very long will not change shape, CAN be optional, 1.6 meters, 1.8 meters or longer specifications, very flexible; 11, aluminum material material factors to achieve its high level of fire and explosion performance; 12, aluminum profile for the metal component is not easy to oxidize one of the components, long service life
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